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When work and life collide, human issues matter. We support businesses with employee mental health and safety in the workplace. Through psychological, therapeutic and clinical services, Inwit look after the people who take care of your organisation.

Critical incidents come in many forms. They are unexpected, and often leave a work-place devastated. When they do occur Inwit has the expertise and experience to face the crisis; knowing the right things to say, the best actions to take and the support necessary for impacted staff and family. Partnering with Inwit gives you immediate access to front-line support to manage your crisis and contain escalation.  

critical incidents 

In life and work small issues can grow into large ones. Home issues can spread to work ones. These impact individual work performances and broader team productivity. Inwit is a solutions-focused counselling service that supports the workplace by making life easier and happier for employees. We offer employee assistance programmes (EAP) to employees and their immediate families.

employee assistance services

Closures and downsizings are lengthy and delicate processes that can take months of planning. It’s imperative for all involved parties to pursue best practice. For most companies a downsizing or closure is a small part of a larger business that perhaps operates in multiple industries. In these cases, brand protection is especially essential with any high-profile and sensitive closure or downsize. It is more than likely that a closure will not be immediate, and therefore there will be a need to maintain status quo, so that these sites continue to be productive in the time it takes to close. 

closures & downsizing

why inwit?

experience & expertise

Since 2010, Inwit has been assisting industries including Mining, Exploration, Shipping, Energy, Construction, Banking, Local Government, Retail and Education. Our services are provided by a highly experienced group of professional counsellors and psychologists who have been providing workplace counselling for over 25 years.

understanding & calm

To bring positive transitions from negative situations, we first seek to understand. This means listening with intent, observing interactions, asking questions and seriously reflecting. By doing this we are able to establish connections and create open dialog, which helps us to identify both individual and broader issues.  

From here, we follow a collaborative process that generates ideas, strategies and solutions, empowering employees during this transition period. This process of stripping back layers of complexity is essential in order to achieve a smooth transition.

24/7 readiness

Incidents and crises are never predictable.  

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the geography or nature of the issue. Your call will always be answered by a consultant (we don’t have call centres) able to provide immediate support.

Inwit respond to critical incidents with minimal disruption, whilst achieving the desired outcome to contain episodes and ensure an ongoing smooth transition.  

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Inwit Consulting operates nationwide, we’ve got you covered. Based in Adelaide, South Australia we work right across Australia with clients in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.