About inwit

experience & expertise

Since 2010, Inwit has been assisting industries including Mining, Exploration, Shipping, Energy, Construction and Banking. We are proud to say that we have hand-picked all our experts who have experience across all areas of mental wellbeing, including closures, downsizing, transition planning and management. Transitions such as closures or downsizings can get chaotic and at times very confronting. We have the expertise to help you tackle the turmoil and internal problems with the sensitivity and delicacy it needs. 

understanding & calm

To bring positive transitions from negative situations, it is crucial that we first seek to understand. This means listening with intent, observing interactions, asking sensitive questions and embracing emotions. By doing this we are able to establish connections and create open dialogue, which helps us to identify both individual and broader issues.

From here, we follow a collaborative process that generates ideas, strategies and solutions, empowering employees during this transition period. This process of stripping back layers of complexity is essential in order to achieve a smooth transition. Never ordinary, never flustered.

24/7 readiness

We recognize that occupational and safety health issues are greatly increased during the closure period. Incidents and crises are never predictable, but you can rest assured that the Inwit team would be available to you, 24/7. Inwit will respond to critical incidents or emerging human issues with minimal disruption, whilst achieving the desired outcome to contain episodes and ensure an ongoing smooth transition.