Critical incidents


Critical incidents come in many forms. They are unexpected, and often leave a work-place devastated. When they do occur Inwit has the experience to face the crisis; knowing the right things to say, the best actions to take and the support necessary for impacted staff and family. Contact us to gain immediate access to front-line support to manage your crisis and contain escalation. 

Employee assistance SERVICES

In life and work small issues can grow into large ones. Home issues can spread to work ones. These impact individual work performances and broader team productivity. Inwit is a solutions-focused counselling service that supports the workplace by making life easier and happier for employees. We offer employee assistance programmes (EAP) to employees and their immediate families. 

closures & downsizing

Closures and downsizing are lengthy and delicate processes that can take years. It’s imperative for all involved parties to pursue best practice. For most companies a downsizing or closure is a small part of a larger business that perhaps operates in multiple industries. In these cases, brand protection is especially essential with any high-profile and sensitive closure or downsize. It is more than likely that a closure will not be immediate, and therefore there will be a need to maintain status quo, so that these sites continue to be productive in the years in takes to close.