adjusting to workplace change....


Adjusting to change, can be hard to deal with. 

It means that the familiar and the predictable are threatened or even disappearing  in our lives. 

As humans we have a drive for things and events being the same, or at best, being able to predict with some degree of probability what’s next in our lives.   Its only when the predictable is threatened or disappears or is passing away that we begin to respond and get worried or begin to behave differently.

Adjusting to change especially in our working life or family life is not always straightforward. Change can happen dramatically or catastrophically.  Or sometimes we have hints or warnings of it. At other times it may not be catastrophic or dramatic but it happens and its annoying. As humans we  prefer to have warnings of change. At least we comfort ourselves that we can adjust or prepare for it. Or it might be, that having  a time in the future helps us to put off and avoid the realities to come.

Our workplace is perhaps the significant area of life where there can be a set of  predictable’s.  Its  made up of  routines and times and regular income and the mates we see every day.  Its made up of protocols and expectations and rules of behaviour. Workplaces are generally safe because of those things. Predictability is what makes it safe.

The other predictable of work, that is sometimes forgotten, is that its where we are known for our talents and abilities. We don’t have to prove a thing by showing or talking to a new set of faces about what we do or how we do things. Our predictable role and skills are already known. When we move from one workplace to another, no one necessarily knows us or what we do well or what our skills are.

So workplaces closing down is about two things. Adjusting to change. Its also a grief. Both of these issues impact on workers and they impact on families. That’s why its important to take some time to talk these things through.Work closure is not always bad. Opportunities and new directions in life and employment can come with change.


Everybody is different. Working with the things that need to be adjusted to, will be different for each and every person. Dealing with the grief of losing a predictable workplace with its behaviours and safety is another. Losing the company of  work mates we have worked with for years is no small thing. 

What seems to be apparent though in life is that we can have some control over some aspects of life - but not all. We have control over some circumstances. Other circumstances , despite our protests,or distress or pain at the change, we can do very little or nothing. Nothing can be done to alter the course of events or decision's made for us. Health issues , relationship issues and workplace change are some of those areas.

So what can be done ?

  • Recognise that you might feel anger or sad or grieved or fearful.However change is a life constant. These are normal responses. But you will need to feeling this emotions with having a plan to respond proactively and practically. Just acknowledging that life will always be unpredictable and change will be part of that unpredictability.

  • You need to be optimistic and to remain positive in your own thinking. If workplace change or closure has occured you will be best served to accept the matter as soon as possible and be as positive as you can be in dealing with the new emerging situation. There is a time for grief or anger or annoyance. There is also a time for getting on with the new world. No matter how much you personally don't want it to happen.

  • Show some leadership in helping others through the change process. If you expend some energy in helping others to adjust and to keep positive it will have a remarkable effect on yourself in keeping you in a positive place. In any transition there will always be tasks in the present to be done and focussed on to bring about closure anda moving on. Make up your mind that you will give your full attention.

Outside of work keep up the normal routines that are positive and healthy. If you exercise or list friends on a regular routine ,now is not the time to stop. You don't need to drink more or eat more to get through this transition. Talking to somebody within Inwit Consulting as your Employee assistance service is a good choice around your emotional and thinking well being.